How to Create A Successful Blog

Blogging 101 - How to Create A Successful Blog - fig.1

Before I dive deeper into this chapter, I ought to say this: "this is the aspect of blogging that gets so many bloggers confused, creating a successful blog.". Therefore; because I need you to get this aspect straight and once and for all, I need you to:

  1. Stay calm and pay closer attention to this chapter.
  2. Jot down every single keypoint you encounter in this chapter.
  3. If you can, read this chapter over again. At least, twice.
  4. Lastly, ensure you apply the lessons you would have acquired from this article in your blog.

Good. Now we may proceed.

First, which blog can we describe as a successful blog? How can you tell if a blog is successful or not? Let's first describe what a successful blog is.

What is A Successful Blog

A successful blog is any blog that achieves the goals of the blogger. The goal could be fame, traffic, earnings, credibility or all of the fore-listed combined.

As a blogger, your goal for creating your blog could be to earning certain amount from the blog daily or monthly. And your goal for setting up the blog could also be to hitting certain traffic stat daily. Whichever your goals are, if your blog meets that expectation then; that blog is successful.

In view of the above, you probably have seen some blogs so successful and you wonder how they have come to be so successful. Huh?

Well, here is the gist:

  • Many blogs that started before blogging becomes so competitive, and before the internet gets so crowded were not prepared for the success they witnessed. An example of such blog is Digital Point or LindaIkeji

    This happened because back then, anybody can just launch his or her blog on any blogging platform say; blogspot [which was enirely free to use], slap just any content [including copied content] on the blog and in a matter of few days; Google was already indexing the blog and it'd be trending world wide.

Those bloggers that started back then are the lucky ones. They didn't have to invest much efforts on their blogs before they become famous but I must tell you; the respective bloggers were unprepared either. - and as a fellow blogger, this could be your strenght. You can use their weaknesses to your advantage.

You ask how? Good question!

Contrary to what you may have had in mind though, the answer is simple. To use their weaknesses to your advantage; you just have to be prepared for success!

To prepare yourself for success as a blogger, you must be prepared to prepare your blog for success. - even for fresh bloggers, that's like the easiest thing to do.

Although some bloggers prepare their blog for the success from the on-set, not many bloggers did that and that's the reason you see many blogs abandoned or some swaying from their actual course.

Actually, if you wish to create a blog that would last only for a shortwhile, you can decide to start the blog anyhow you want. But if you are looking to create a blog you can lean on for a really long time, you really need to plan and prepare it.

the takeaway:

To prepare yourself for success as a blogger, you must be prepared to prepare your blog for success.

Besides, because blogging is now being viewed as a business which in actual fact, it is a business because it has made some smart bloggers filthy rich. Some bloggers make so much money on daily basis than most other businesses can realise in a day.

So, today, just like you should for any business; you must have solid plans for your blog if you desire to create a successful blog.

In the next few paragraphs, I shall be revealing a few tactics and discussing a few keypoints you could easily tap into in order to set your blog on the right path for success.

The Processes for Creating A Successful Blog

To create a successful blog, three factors are of crucial demand. These factors are:

  1. Your ability to identify your skills.
  2. Your budget. Minimal? Good. Huge? Better!
  3. Your time. The most important factor if maximized.

These three factors listed from above encompasses a few other subfactors. The details are further discussed below.

  1. Skills: using your skills in creating a successful blog

      Blogging 101 - Skills - How to Create A Successful Blog Using Skills - fig.1
    1. identify your skills

      As a person, you must have a few skills. Skills are not necessarily those learned or acquired. You could be naturally endowed with some skills.

      You could be;

      • a brilliant writer...
      • a good speaker...
      • a fabulous artist...

      These are skills anyone could naturally be endowed with. And the good thing is; the list is endless.

      Speaking of conventional or acquired skills, you could be;

      • a fantastic programmer...
      • a gifted fashion designer...
      • a good cook...

      Think of any skills, gifted or acquired. You must have one or a few of them in you.


      Any field of life in which you have indepth knowledge of could be regarded as your skill, as far as blogging is concerned.

      An example of such is someone who has passion for cars and knows alot about cars... the best wheels, finest designs, the best cars most suited for certain occasions, the next models to make the hottest waves etc...

      ...these ideas cannot escape someone who has passion for cars.

      In a nutshell, in order to use your skills to create a successful blog, the first thing you need to do is to identify your skills.

    2. make your skills the subject matter for your blog

      Now that you have identified your skills, the next move is to make your skills the subject matter of your blog.

      To do this, ensure your blog focuses and discusses subjects and topics that are directly or indirectly related and connected to your skills.

      Why Make your Skills the Subject-matter of your Blog?
      1. For comfortability and flexibility

        If your blog focuses a niche you are most familiar with or which you know really much about, you would find it really comfortable navigating that niche.

        Remember the idea of " kind of sport anyone can do and make really huge money"? Blogging would only be a new kind of sport to you if you start off in a niche you are really versatile at otherwise; your blog may never see the light of the day.

      2. For Durability

        Most blogs are abandoned when they fail to gaining meaningful traffic which would eventually yeild meaningful returns both in money and credibility. But most bloggers fail to realize that the origin of such failures is thier inability to producing rich original contents for a long time.

        Let me give you an instance;

        Let's assume you are a good cook. You can focus your blog on foods and delicacies.

        Under foods and delicacies, you would be having subjects similar to;

        • Chineese breads and other edibles
        • Nigerian foods and delicacies
        • Continental foods and delicacies
        • French cuisines and dishes
        • The best kitchen utensils
        • etc...

        The list could be endless! And the topics under each subject is definitely too numerous to count.

        So, the end result; your blog would become a source for really fascinating headlines in that niche for a really long time to come. - and that's a win for you and your blog!

    3. decide what content type you would be focusing

      Do you think you are more comfortable posting mojorly video content including how-to video tutorials on your blog? Or, you are more equiped with posting text contents with accompanying pictures and or illustrated graphics?

      And if you are that inclusive, you can decide to using both rich videos and text contents. - the more, the better the outcome in that case.

      Whichever option you favour, you can always adjust this as your blog progresses, and that with zero negative impacts on your blog or yourself.

      But, ideally, you should start with the content type that you would be more consistent at producing.

      Here is an instance;

        if as a fresh blogger starting up in the automobile niche, you would be having difficulties at producing and uploading automobile related video content [that are filmed or created by yourself] in your blog; instead of hindering your blog posts consistencies, focus text content type until you are able to comfortably push videos in your blog.
    4. always prepare quality contents for your readers

      As it is, the most important thing that gives your blog the love and attention it deserves is the content you publish in the blog.

      As a result, give nothing but quality and rich content for your readers.


      Let's suppose your blog is a news blog, ensure you always publish detailed genuine blog posts. If your blog is a how-to styled blog, your blog posts should always present solutions to how to do this or that in a more detailed and straight-forward yet simpler ways.

      In a more simpler statement; quality blog posts are those blog posts that satistfy the curiosity of your blog readers and followers.

    5. optimize your blog posts for SEO. always.

      SEO is the short term for search engine optimization.

      In a more simpler term, SEO is the effort you make that gives a single blog post the value of a thousand blog posts.

      How so?

      SEO is like marketing your blog or a specific blog post to the search engines and when you do that properly, the rewards are always more traffic, better conversions and perhaps; increase in sales.

      But why?

      Because nearly everybody relies on the search engines to search and find any information such persons need these days.

      Therefore, if you are able to properly market a particular blog post to the search engines such that that particular blog post gains either of the first three spots on Google's SERP's first page for some keywords, especially if those keywords are popular ones; that blog post would bring thousands of traffic to your blog daily or weekly depending on the keywords' popularity for a particular period of time.

      the hypothesis

      When a blog post "A" brings your blog more traffic in a day than a thousand other posts "a, b, c, d, e..." could bring the same blog any day, the blog post "A" is worth more than the values of blog posts "a, b, c, d, e..." combined.

      Yes. It is actually possible to make a single blog post worth the value of a thousand blog posts. However, to understand how that could be made possible, you need to first understand a few basic terms which are;

      • Search engine
      • Search engine optimization
      • How search engine works
      • How blog posts are optimized

      Although, in order not to create confusions, I would not discuss search engine optimization here. To learn about Search Engine Optimization, you can head to our SEO archive here - there you'll get to know everything you need to learn about search engines, how to rank your blog high in search engines and how to gain maximum traffic to your blog from search engines.

    6. make posting to your blog a regular thing

      Lastly in this section, ensure you make posting to your blog a regular thing.

      This, I think is self explanatory. Right?


  2. Budgets: how to use your budgets to create a successful blog

    To setup a blog, you need money.

    At least, if you really mean business and you are serious about the blog; you'll know you would be needing money.

    Blogging 101 - Budget - How to Create A Successful Blog Using your Budget- fig.1

    But regardless of the size of your budget for your blog, meager or huge; what's important is how you allocate and spend the funds.


    The amount of money you set aside for the purpose of keeping your blog running and fully functional for a period of time is what I refer to as your budget.

    How does your budget help prepare your blog for success?

    For a fresh blogger, it is important that you design and have a budget. Even if you are the latest millionair in town, having an accurately designed budget for your blog would most likely push your wealth forward with perhaps, a few more millions rather than bringing it downward.

    Meanwhile, to answer the question, a blog's well-designed budget would at the least; benefit you in these two ways:

    • Allows you push for the right plans
    • Helps you spend only on what's necessary

    How your Budget Helps you Create A Successful Blog

    1. allowing you push for the right plans

      A good example where this applies is when most fresh bloggers decide on which CMS is to be used for their blog.

      If you have decided to setup a blog, one of the first puzzles you'd have to solve is deciding on which platform to host your blog.

      Of course, before getting to this level, you must have resolved on which niche to focus, which content type you'd prefer, which domain to use... and then; this: which blogging platform should you use?

      Deciding on which platform to host your blog would not be a puzzle at all if you already have a budget prepared for the blog.


      Because your budget already presents the answers!

      Here is an instance;

      Let's assume you have $50 USD budgeted for your blog for a whole year.

      Below here is a table containing the list of some of the mandatory expenses per four assumed options available to you.

      Blogspot Hosted WordPress Managed WordPress Self-hosted WordPress
      Hosting Monthly Yearly Monthly Yearly Monthly Yearly Monthly Yearly
      Nah Nah Nah Nah 1 12 2.50 36
      Domain 12 - 75 (depending on the TLD)
      Theme 5 - 18 (one-time payment) 30 - 70 (one-time payment)
      Totals/year $17 USD $30 USD $54 USD $78 USD
      • ***the figure in the totals is the sum of the cost prices for hosting, domain and theme (templates).
      • ***Only the cheapest prices (in the market) for the options in the table are calculated.

      Now, from the table above, you certainly can tell which option(s) is suitable for your budget.

      And that's just one of the instances where your budget can come into play as far as helping you push for the right plans is concerned.

    2. helping you spend only on what's necessary

      Most fresh bloggers, especially those that have no specific budget planned for their blog, incur unnecessary expenses mostly on unnecessary things or on things that are necessary but unripe for that particular time.

      An appropriate budget would help you to a lenght, avoid such mistakes so that instead of spending on optin monster useful for capturing subscribers first, you would concentrate on winning reasonable returning traffic by spending on Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads or using simple content marketing strategies that would cost you much less with much better results in the first place.

      If the trial versions of any such products or services is available, it's okay to try them out, but it is only best to put the horse before the cart rather than the other way round.

    3. other ways where properly managed budget helps you create a successful blog include:
      • It helps your blog stay longer afloat. Funds unavailability is another reason most blogs are shutdown prematurely.

      • Properly managed budget helps you monitor the growth of your blog better.

      • Well-designed budget helps you know what else is needed for your blog and when such is or should be needed.

  3. Time: how to use your time to create a successful blog

    If you have being following this tutorial attentively, you will realize this is the third essential factor you can use to prepare your blog for success.

    Blogging 101 - Time - How to Create A Successful Blog Using your Time - fig.1

    To most fresh bloggers, time does not really make any difference whereas, in actual facts; good timing makes bringing your blog to the limelight happen in a breeze.

    There are a number of ways where time can influence your blogging activities. Here, I would be revealing to you some of these ways and the respective best approaches.

    Generally, there are three ways in which time can come into play:

    • Your devotion for the blog
    • When to publish on your blog
    • What to publish on your blog

    how proper timing can help you create a successful blog

    1. your devotion: how much time you allocate for the blog daily, weekly or monthly

      An hour daily or ten hours in a week? How much time can you devote for your blog?

      You must have being hearing about some full-time bloggers earning between five to six figures from their blog monthly. They do full-time because either their blog is ripe for it or that blogger himself is ripe for it.

      Who is A Full-time Blogger?

      A full-time blogger is one who owns a blog and sees the blog as a career hence makes himself available for the blog directly or indirectly at all times all day.

      A blogger may be ripe to be a full-time blogger if such blogger has sufficient funding ready and available for the blog for a long time. And a blog could be ripe for or deserve your full-time if such blog already brings enough returns (in cash) that any such blogger could depend on for subsistence.

      In any case, as a fresh blogger, it is not a good recommendation that you dedicate your full-time for any blog in its first year. A few hours daily is okay.

      While you may not like that, the hard truth is; most blogs do not give any reasonable returns (in cash) in their first year and you really do need money to survive and to keep the blog itself alive and growing.

      So, if your budget for the blog cannot cover for massive content marketing, link building, adverts and content outsourcing which certainly could grow your blog really fast in your blogs's first few months; do not dedicate your full-time for the blog because their is no guarantee that blog would produce any reasonable returns as of yet.

      Instead, spend most of your time on other jobs or works that produce your daily bread and routinely work on your blog before going to work or when you return from work.

      My recommendations on your blog daily routine:
      1. make working on your blog a daily routine

        Persistence is the key.

        For fresh blogs, a few hours daily is okay. Depending on how much time you can spare each day, from an hour to two hours is okay. And if you can do more, fine. Just don't be obsessed with your blog. Many fresh bloggers had and for a number of reasons, that'd be a big mistake.

      2. tackle a few problems each day

        Especially with fresh blogs, you'll always have this or that thing that you don't like about the blog or that you simply want to improve on, just know that you cannot have everything fixed in a single day!

        To make the best use of your time, resolve at least, an issue on your blog in each day. It could be a new post you want to prepare, it could be something about your blog design. It could be anything.

        Do this until you'll have no more or much less issues to tackle on your blog except observing your blog's progresses.

      3. make posting an everyday thing

        I get it. If you cannot post on the blog daily, every two or three days posting is okay.

        Especially for fresh blogs, regular posting is a must. To ease the burden on you, most popular blogging CMS has schedule posting feature which allows you to publish a post in advance. Make good use of that feature.

      4. repost your blog posts on social media daily

        One of the best channels any fresh blog can use to gain the attention it deserves is social media channels. Just ensure you post on these social chanels at the right time.

        The right time to post on social channels like Facebook and Twitter is when most of their users are active online. You can use services like hootsuite or buffer! or any other similar services. These services save your post in their server and automacally push your posts at the best time, when that post would receive the most attention from each social channel.

        Well, the point is; expose that post to as many people as possible! Right?

      5. scout for broken links and amend

        The best time to prevent essential broken links is your blog's earlier days.

        Broken links mostly end up in error 404 and that contributes largely to many blogs having increase in bounce rate.

        You don't want that to happen! Because bounce rate can easily slash your blog traffic into two equal halves (or worst) and send the other half away from your blog to the next competing blog.

        So, in your daily routine, one of those things you should be doing is tracking your blog broken links records and making necessary ammendments so that you may later have no or much lesser internal broken links in your blog.

Okay. I believe you have gained a few things from this tutorial. I only hope that you'll be able to create a successful blog using all that's discussed in this tutorial.

Meanwhile, though we've already discussed how to create a blog that makes you money in one of the posts previously posted under our blogging 101 series, in our next post of the series we shall discuss several monetization opportunities you can easily channel to your blog.

Until then, remain blessed.

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