How to Create A Blog that'll Fetch you Money

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To start a blog is easy but to create a blog that makes you money... that might not be easy. In one of our previous posts in this blogging 101 series, we already talked about why you should create a blog and one of the reasons you should create a blog should be to making money off the blog.

In that previous post from where we discussed why you should create a blog, we've listed four crusial questions you should provide answers to if your aim for creating a blog is to making money off it.

Since most likely, nearly everyone would want to create a blog for profits, from here; we would continue the discussion from the previous post by expanciating the points and discussing those questions further.

In case you missed the previous post, if you're creating a blog to profiting, the questions listed from below must be provided answers, at least; if you aim to making any reasonable money off the blog.

Want to Start A Blog that Makes You Money? Four Questions to Answer:

  1. How much money you wish to make blogging?

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    If you are starting your own blog and you are confronted with the puzzling decision of needing to decide how much money you wish to make blogging, this should not be a puzzle in the first place.

    You just come up with an amount, say $500 per month.

    $500 per month could be too small but really, to start with, $500 per month is okay. In fact, that could be too high for many fresh bloggers.

    What's important is you need to set an amount you can realistically achieve within a set period of time and then adjust the figure by and by as you achieve each set goal.

    Benefits of making this decision

    • It helps you find added reasons to blog.
    • It helps you maintain your focus.
    • It helps you adjust as needed and as at when necessary
    • It helps you measure your achievements and in scaling your work on the blog.
    • You'll have accurate understanding of your breaking and yielding points.
    the takeaway:

    What's important is you need to set an amount you can realistically achieve within a set period of time and then adjust the figure by and by as you achieve each set goal.

  2. How soon you wish to start making momey from your blog

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    No doubts, to making money off the blogs is the core reason for the existence of many blogs.

    But taking how soon you wish to start making money from your blog into account would help you make smarter decisions.

    For instance; if you plan to start getting returns, making money from your blog the very first month you established the blog, that's very possible but you must have certain amount of money set aside purposefully for that blog.

    And in that case, you may have to focus more on some CPC channels like Google AdSense that pays publishers monthly or selling your own products directly from your blog rather than using other channels like affiliate marketing whose payments do not arrive until after about 45 to 60 days and that's if you actually do the job the right ways.

    Although, depending on which way you swing; such a blog may not last especially when you are not using the white-hat methods.

    In any case, it is a good idea to decide when or how soon you wish to start making money from your blog.

    My Recommendations:

    • Spend the entire first month on getting your blog ready. Something like simple and friendly design for the blog, SEO and the likes.
    • Also in your first month, get some posts that would last your blog for at least, two months ready. You may not publish post daily but make sure you post at least two blog posts weekly.
    • By your blog's second month, when hopefully you are expected to have had enough interesting blog posts; spend more time on attracting readers to your blog. Do this as frequent as possible. If you have enough funds, you may use facebook, twitter or Google ads for your blog. If you do not have surplus budget that can cover that; Facebook groups, twitter handles, Telegram and other similar social channels can give your blog hundreds if not thousands of free traffic. Try to put them to use.
    • Now, you may scout for earnings mediums. In your blog's third month, you can begin to scout for which channels is best suited for your blog. Remember to use mediums that have minimal traffic share on your blog - more notes on this later.
    • By the fourth month, your blog should now be matured enough to bringing returns. Validate your decision, go ahead and implement. Enroll your blog for AdSense, some affiliate sites, introduce your own products etc. Just keep it to a minimal number at the start.

    Benefits of Deciding When to Start Making Money from your Blog

    • You'll be able to properly manage your budgets for the blog. This way, your blog should be able to start fending for itself and bringing returns before you exhaust your budgets.
    • This decision helps you decide which revenue opportunities to focus more. For example; if 3 months is your target, then Affiliate Marketing is definitely not suitable for you as a fresh blogger. However; freelance services or AdSense could fit well in that plan.
    the takeaway:

    At the start, remember to keep your blog's monetization mediums to a minimal figure.

  3. On what basis you wish that the money keeps coming?

    Blogging 101 - How to Start A Blog that Makes You Money - What Basis - fig.4

    Are you setting up a blog that would give you a recurring income or one that gives you a nearly fixed income you recieve on monthly basis?

    Whichever of the options you desire, you can make it happen with your blog. You can even decide to have both recurring revenues that you'd be receiving daily, weekly or nearly anytime; even when you'd be sleeping. And at the same time, the nearly fixed incomes that arrive on monthly basis can also keep coming. - all these can happen when you make the right decisions.

    For instance; Google AdSense and other similar CPC services can give you nearly fixed monthly income. Partner programs such as affiliate programs including sales of your own products, freelance jobs etc can make you recurring revenues.

    All you need to do is prepare your blog for the opportunities you wished for and you would see them coming your way.

  4. For how long you want the blog producing revenues?

    Blogging 101 - How to Start A Blog that Makes You Money - How Long - fig.5

    Do you wish to setup a blog that would fetch you revenues for a short period of time for like say; 3 months, 6 months... or you are looking to create a blog that would keep adding values and bringing revenues for a longer period of time that you cannot see it ending anytime soon?

    Whichever you choose, you can achieve both. You can create the next TechCrunch or Huffington Post, if you really want to make that happen.

    And yes. Sometimes, it is possible that you wish to setup an extra revenue source; something that would be giving you some returns in revenue for a short period of time. - such is possible with a blog.

    An instance of such is when you setup a blog, secure an AdSense account already linked to a domain which would eventually become your blog. You can slap just any content on it, promote the blog via any means that can give you really huge traffic - that way, you can be making around $150 to $1,000 or more monthly but I bet you, that won't last more than 3 months before Google uncovers your little secretes and sanctions your blog and even disables your AdSense account.

    Apart from that, there are other avanues you can channel through your blog that would produce reasonable income in a shortwhile and for a short period of time.

    So, what kind of blog would you like to create? One that keeps adding values and giving returns in revenues or one that would last only for a short while?

    It's up to you to decide.

    But Whichever your options, be rest assured that blogging 101 series is your reliable guide as you would find every piece of information you may require already discussed in our blogging 101 series.

Now, hopefully, you have understood the lessons and noted down your keypoints in the discussions from above.

In our next discussion in the blogging 101 series, we'll be discussing who can blog and how to establish a successful blog.

Until then, remain blessed.

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