How to Create Donation Page for your Blog

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After seeing the previous blog post from where we discuss how to get the most donations from your blog, a number of the readers came up with some questions most of which can be termed to meaning; "can you help me create donation page for my blog?" or "can you teach me how to create donation page for my blog?".

First off, I must confess that the NairaMeans donation page you see on the link provided was not created by me or any of NairaMeans' members. Rather, it came with NewsReel Blogger template - that's the template that's currently in use on NairaMeans. We only change the words used on the donation page to suit NairaMeans' own needs.

NewsReel Blogger template is so good a template that it is suitable for all kinds of blogs. Either it is a personal blog, news blog that publishes news or eCommerce blog that sells items - NewsReel Blogger template is an extremely good Blogger theme that fits all blogging needs.

Did I mention its SEO benefits, too? The template is so good that it complies with the latest and all SEO guidelines and it has helped NairaMeans alot. If you're a blogger using the Google's blogging platform which is also known as Blogspot or Blogger, I'll recommend that you use NewsReel blogger template.

Meanwhile, instead of the usual $15 [USD] NewsReel Blogger template sells for on Gumroad, you can get it for just $7.50 USD using NairaMeans link here - that's 50 percent off!


The link provided from above for the NewsReel blogger template is unique only to NairaMeans traffic. If you eventually buy NewsReel blogger template using that link, as you get the 50% discount; we, NairaMeans also earn some commissions off your purchase.

Now, to the questions that gave birth to this blog post, "can I help you create a donation page for your blog?".

How to Create Donation Page for Your Blogger Blog

There are a number of options you can explore and the best of all the options would be to create and design the donation page by yourself. Of course, if you can create the donation page by yourself you would not be here reading this blog post. Since you cannot create the donation page by yourself, that leaves you with only the alternatives.

  1. Hire A Gig
  2. Use Jotform or Similar Services

Hire A Gig to Create your Donation Page

For certain reasons, it is impossible for anyone to teach anyone how to create a standard donation page for blogger blogs unless that person fully understands and know the setup and structure of the theme that's in use on your blogger blog.

Having pointed that out, the next best option that is closer to designing the donation page by yourself is to hire someone to do it for you.

To do that, you can visit and hire one of the several hundreds experts there on that platform to get the job done for you. The service should only cost you between 5 and 25USD.

Use Jotform or Similar Services to Create A Donation Page

Apart from Jotform, there are several other online form services that allow you collect donations through PayPal and Stripe. While this is also a good alternative, I do not reeally favour this option due to a number of reasons that include:

  • Flexibility issues. Even if you are a premium subscriber, it is less likely that you'll be able to design the donation widget to the extent that it conforms with your blogger blog template designs.

  • Speed issues. Due to the reliance of most of these online form services on external resources, more liberaries are downloaded and more loads which eventually mount more pressure on your blog server are inevitable. And as a result, your blog loads even more sluggishly.

  • Responsiveness issues. Another major reason that should be consideered is friendliness. Most of the other options that allow you collect donations from your blogger blog apart from the native options, are not usually mobile friendly.

  • Lastly,Turnover. Blogger blogs that use any other means of accepting donation apart from the native options [of creating donation page using Blogger defaults options] recieve or get lesser donations than supposed.
  • Although, it may be cheaper to use online form services to collecting donations on your Blogger blog, the four shortcomings listed from above are the price you'll have to endure for the reduced cost.


    In all, regardless of whichever option you favoured, the primary goal; creating donation page for your blogger blog would be achieved. While that's like the most important thing, it is very crucial to go for the option that'll give you deserved result; maximum donations.

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